Welcome and Introductions - Coarse Goals and Meet Dr. Amy

This course is all about YOU.

The goal is to give you a resource that will last you for the entire life of your MTHFR journey (which is your entire life). You and I will both have these genes forever unless medical technology changes drastically, so it is important that we learn how to optimize them.

Plus, this is the Beta version - that means that I will ask you for feedback about what works and what doesn't. Using your feedback I'll make changes so that the course is the best it can be and you will have full access once all of those changes go live.

This also means that if there is something you really want to know more about that pertains to MTHFR and I didn't cover it, just let me know and I will. This is kind of a choose-your-own-adventure.

At the end of the day, I appreciate you and your feedback and together we can make this the most useful course you'll ever take. Thank you so much for participating!


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